Confirmed motorola smartphones to get android Oreo update

The next of google operating system is Oreo 8.0. The android Oreo is paked with various features and improvements various tools. 
          The android oreo has came with new features like picture in picture mode, new notification dots and improvement in blooth audio jack.
         In recent the developer’s has started development of android oreo for samsung galaxy s8 and s8+. These two may get the oreo update by next month ie  October.
         The 80% of smartphones have not upgraded to Android N Nougat that was released last year. Oreo update is now under going testing process on google pixel and nexus phones.
          The new os Android O is going to be two times faster than Android N and in the android O we do multitasking like example we can use facebook and whatsapp at the same time, like on screen one half will be  fb and another whatsapp like this we can do multitasking.

  • Moto Z2,
  • Moto Z2 play
  • Moto Z play
  • Moto Z force 
  • Moto Z
  • Moto G5 and 
  • Moto G5 plus

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