Most trusted and preferred smartphone in India and Beats Apple in Customer satisfaction

         The most trusted smartphone in India is ‘one plus’. One plus was started on 16th December 2013 by former Oppo vice president. One plus made its branding very fast in short period of time. The brand has grown equal to popular smartphones like samsung, HTC etc..
        According to the recent polls done in India the one plus is the trusted and most preferred smartphone in India. The os used here is cyanogenmod os , this is most popular custom rom all over the world, this os developers are building os for one plus smartphones. 
          So this thing as attracted many people and another main thing is this smartphone is getting latest updates very fast and secure. The smartphone is very handy and smooth to use the device.It has  the unlocked bootloader, so it became the most preferred smartphone in India.
          It is the full screen device, from 2013 itself it is given with fingerprint sensor and with popular custom rom. It has great look and features and better than other custom roms or stock roms. 

The market research also revealed the factors that costumers consider while purchasing a smartphone:
  • 89% – latest OS; (Android O, Android N etc…)
  • 85% – RAM; (2 GB, 3 GB, 4 GB)
  • 80% – battery life; (1 day, 2 day)
  • 77% – networking technology; (2G, 3G, 4G)
  • 75% – camera quality; (8MP, 12MP, 16MP etc…)

   And new technology always excite the customer and coming to apple its not bringing lots changes in smartphone and camera quality.

   The iPhone is bought for its performance and quality , i am not saying that its loosing its quality but not making bigger changes in smartphone. As we take iPhoneX, the called it as future phone but 3D hologram identification is not working properly, they could have even added fingerprint sensor, iPhone looks perfect by its home button but now its gone..
    And coming to One plus, it is making major changes in smartphone and giving great updates with less bugs.


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