How to play youtube videos in background

You may have trouble while playing youtube videos in background.
While playing youtube videos in youtube app, if u press home button you will stop listening to music, here i will say you best tricks to play youtube videos in background.
I am now going to say about 3 best ways to play youtube videos in background , by using those ways you can play youtube in background. Rather than these you can even play videos through Firefox browser in background but it drains battery a lot.

1. NewPipe:
Download and install app from below link. This app is one of my favourite app for playing youtube videos in background. It is very simple to use, it has a very smooth interface. Here we can play videos in multiple formats , we can even download videos here directly in different formats. Here we can open videos in external browser and share videos directly from here.

1. Play videos in background
2. Play in different formats
3. Easy interface

2. Y Music:
Download and install the app from below link. Y Music is very special app where we can play youtube videos as mp3 videos. It shows latest popular and trending videos in your country.  In this application you can even create play list and it shows your liked videos and search for other videos and play them as mp3 songs.

1. Play videos as mp3 songs
2. Supports system equaliser

3. iYTBP:
Download and install the application from below link. This app gives new interface to your yotube and plays in background.  It allows you to play youtube in different formats and even download the videos of different formets. The app will be automatically update with latest features and having different language formats.
1. It gives new interface
2. Plays videos in background

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