Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant: How to setup and use Bixby Voice Assistant

Samsung has finally rolled out Bixby voice assistant for Galaxy S8 devices and here is everything you need to know about Bixby Assistant. It has been globally rolled out around 200 countries.

1. Bixby Voice Assistant can be enabled by holding the dedicated                                                    button.
2. Bixby voice assistant rolled out a day ahead of galaxy note 8                                                        launch.
3. It works similar to Google voice Assistant and Apple’s Siri.

How to Set up Bixby Voice Assistant:
1. Go to settings > Type Language and input > Setup language to English
2. Apps > Bixby Home > Clear data
3. Voice > Storage > Clear Data
4. Then press on Bixby button with dedicated keys.
Samsung has rolled out Bixby Assistant after the launch of Galaxy Note 8 and this Bixby Voice Assistant is similar to Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri.

Using the Bixby Voice Assistant you can control all the Samsung features and applications.  The Bixby can control YouTube, Whats App, Twitter, Facebook and many other.
Samsung has said that its working on Bixby to make it more powerful, reliable and easy to use. The typing on Samsung device made easier using Bixby Assistant and even Samsung said that it is going to bring lot more features and improvements.

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