Galaxy Note 8: Tips, tricks and Hidden Features

Tech fans were eagerly waiting for the Phone and finally, it has arrived and tech giants were happy with the latest features. so here I am gonna discuss Galaxy Note 8 tips, tricks, and some hidden features.

Biggest Infinity Display:

Samsung has introduced an edge to edge display in its previous flagship S8 and S8 plus but nowhere in this smartphone they have introduced infinity display, this feature made catchy to all the tech giants and its has a perfect display. this device features a 6.3-inch quad HD super AMOLED display and this will help Note 8 users to get more in device split screen feature. 

S Pen Features:

Samsung has already shown its excellence in previous phones like S8 and S8plus and now the s pen is popular in Note series. Samsung has improved a lot in S Pen like Translating the highlighted text, magnifying and taking photos and lots of new features to it.

Battery Life:

The note 8 has come with improved battery life by customisable power saving mode. Just simply click on power saving mode and set background applications, screen timeout, and other new features. It also turns Bixby Voice on and off.

Bixby Voice Assistant:

Samsung has rolled out Bixby Assistant after the launch of Galaxy Note 8 and this Bixby Voice Assistant is similar to Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. Using the Bixby Voice Assistant you can control all the Samsung features and applications.  The Bixby can control YouTube, Whats App, Twitter, Facebook and many others.

Samsung has said that it’s working on Bixby to make it more powerful, reliable and easy to use. The typing on Samsung device made easier using Bixby Assistant and even Samsung said that it is going to bring a lot more features and improvements. 

How to setup and use Bixby Voice Assistant

Live Message:
The live message feature in Note is becoming more popular this is an animated GIf of a note you write on the keyboard or you can send an image as a live message. To use this press and hold the microphone button and send the desired type of message.


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