Create a Free Business E-Mail Using Zoho

If you have your own domain and a website already and you want to create a free business email then you have visited the right place. Here I am going to discuss how to create a free business email using ZOHO.

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Head over to and there you will be seeing a sign-in page, fill your details and click sign-up. Before sign-up check, properly that you have entered the correct information.

By doing this your job is not done, you have to configure MX Records, SPF and DKIM with your Domain DNS server.

As you see about its the Mx Records, verify your MX Records with DNS server.

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How to verify MX, SPF, DKIM with DNS server:
Step 1: Login to your domain let it be Google domains, Go Daddy or anything. 
Step 2: Click on DNS settings and head over to down and add the details as said in ZOHO.
After adding your Zoho MX, SPF, DKIM to your DNS server it takes at least 50 minutes to verify everything.

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