20 Ways to Customize Your Smartphone

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We all are using smartphones nowadays.But there are many tricks that can customize your smartphone as you want.There are many ways that you can make your own, from transferring the contacts and apps to install widgets and the appearance of the interface of the mobile.You will be surprised at those many ways that you can customize your smartphone without rooting though rooting has many benefits.Now, users of all type smartphones ha discovered their own way of fun and creative way to change, modify, customize their phones to the best way to their specification needs.

Here are basic tips to customize your device:

1.Replace your home screen with a custom launcher

Replace your home screen with a custom launcher

For total customization of the interface, there are many free and paid versions of many launchers, for example, NOVA LAUNCHER, MICROSOFT LAUNCHER, EVIE LAUNCHER etc., that can change the device interface totally that changes your app icons, widgets and the appearance will be totally changed.
By using the launcher notification bar also been changed and that can be customized as you want.
I personally recommend NOVA LAUNCHER because
This is the best android launcher to customize your home screen as your own.It is the best thing that ever happened to the Android devices.You will see much difference from the stock android.Here you can customize your own app viewing and a grid size of the apps.The background can also change into black and white colors for the grid and also there are nova settings that can be customized to your own. Definitely, you will fell the best from the launcher. 

2.Installing the best keyboard

Installing the best keyboard

Smartphones that are running with an inbuilt keyboard.But there are loads of keyboards that comes with your device.There are many inbuilt keyboards from the manufactures of SAMSUNG, HTC, and many other third-party keyboards in the devices.But you can change the keyboard as you are comfortable with.Some of the keyboards are Gboard(Google keyboard), Swiftkey keyboard, Bobble keyboard, Qwerty keyboard etc.., with this keyboards that we can change the theme(background), that can be any type of images and many extra features like more emojis that will be bit interesting part.

I personally recommend you to try Gboard(Google keyboard) because
Google keyboard has everything that you love it, speed, reliability, autocorrection, voice typing.It also has emoji search and it helps you to find the emoji faster.It helps to type faster with glide typing.It also has the google search on the keyboard, also has gif option to send your emotions or feelings.Here you can adjust the keyboard to one hand mode and also the height of the keyboard.you can customize your background of the keyboard using a theme or any other images.you will definitely love Google keyboard.

3.Voice recognition

Voice recognition

You can control your smartphone without touching it for every device there is voice recognition control through this you can control your smartphone through voice. For Android, there is OK GOOGLE(Google assistant), for ios there is SIRI and recently for Samsung 8 series, there is BIXBY. These are the voice recognition that is used. You can call, open apps, search on the internet, and many other controls using voice.
I like the latest assistant that was released BIXBY is is the best assistant to the Samsung smartphones. It is the smartest way to use the device.BIXBY makes your device helpful assisting to complete the task very smart. this will work very smarter than the Google assistant.

4.Root your device

Root your device

Many of the smartphone users are eagerly waiting for an update that will be releasing to the smartphone they release the update for recently released smartphones.For all these problems there is only one solution that is rooting that helps you to update or degrade your software.Rooting will helps to customize your device as your own. There are many advantages for rooting your device that make many paid apps for free and you can customize as your own.There are many Roms available for every smartphone.you’ll definitely, enjoy the rooted device.

5. Expand the battery life of your device

Expand the battery life of your device

Nowadays many smartphones are releasing on the basis of advanced technologies but not in the battery life.Android 6.0 has introduced the battery boosting doze feature, not only this way there are many ways to enhance your battery life, there must have an option called battery saver mode this will definitely help to extend your battery life.You just activate the battery saver mode on your device and then automatically activates when your device battery falls to 20%. This will definitely increase the battery life to 1-2 hrs.Let’s get activate your battery saver now.

6.Sync your Google account with the device

Sync your Google account with the device

Whenever you get a smartphone there are many options to customize your device one thing you can customize easily by sorting your google account to your device that one google account will sync total your device to drive, by syncing your account you can keep backup to your apps, contacts, Gmail, google maps, youtube, calendar, and any other documents that can sync to your device.This will helps to sync the same data to other mobiles using the sorting of the google account it also helps to keep the data backup on the drive.

7.Control your device without touching

If you are looking at the cool and interesting way to control your phone you should try a gesture control app called WAVE CONTROL that available in app store using this you can control music, videos and answering the calls with the wave of your hand without getting worried about getting dirt on the device.You will enjoy a lot more with just a wave on the sensor.Let’s try the app now.

8. Customize the app icons

Many of us trying to change the icons view, and the shape of the icons to view your device new for those there is an app called IMMATERIAL that available in the app store but it is a paid app(Rs 40).Although it is a paid app with the rating of 4.8 it is one of the best-rated icon packs on the market this app will be compatible with all the versions.This will definitely change the view of your smartphone.

9.Work your device faster

Everyone wants that your device has to work fast without any delay so that there is an inbuilt option called ANIMATION SCALE.This will appear when you made the developer options appear, to appear the developer options settings–>about phone–>Buld number, tap on the build number option until it shows ‘you are a developer’.Then come back to settings there will be an option called developer settings in that you will see an option ANIMATION SCALE, which controls how fast or slows the animation operating system are played, that means while opening or closing the app, transitioning through the menu all of that will be played in faster or slower.There are some options on the animation scale you can select the speed you want.I personally have mindset 2.5x it means each and every animation takes half as long as twice as fast which can fell your phone much more snappy.You can also turn off the animation scale option.

10. Offline Maps

Offline Maps

We all know that google maps that work using the data but for sometimes that will be more wastage of data.Here there is another option called offline maps, here you can once download your region that you want, the downloaded region will automatically stores in the device so that there is no use of data for google maps it has two advantages firstly google maps will work fast and other is no wastage of data every time.This will definitely save your time. 

11.Flash a custom ROM

Flashing a custom ROM is very important and useful when you root your smartphone. Flashing custom ROM increases your privacy, removes bloatware, extend the life of your smartphone, can use open source software and personalize each and everything you need. And you can get quick updates, you no longer need to wait for the future update, you can directly flash your desired custom ROMs. You can even modify your lock screen. The top 5 custom ROMs are Cyanogenmod Rom,  Paranoid Android, cataclysm Rom, Resurrection Remix Rom and Dirty Unicorns Rom.
I personally recommend you to flash Cyanogenmod Roms, as I know the CyanogenMod Roms are the best and easily customizable Roms.

12. Change your wallpaper

Another simple way to customize your smartphone in a simple way that changing your device wallpaper there are many apps that available in the app store but I’ll be discussing the best apps for wallpapers for android.Hope so you guys really like this.One of them is WALLP-TRUE 4K WALLPAPERS this will provide you really 4k images as a wallpaper there are nearly 80,000 wallpapers you will never lose the image quality, and also there are many categories in the app for wallpapers.Another app called FONDO-4K WALLPAPERS this also has 4k ultra HD wallpapers.The other app for live wallpapers MAGIC PARTICLES-LIVE WALLPAPERS this is really awesome this live wallpaper does not drain the battery too much.This will be very realistic and very smooth to use.All the apps are available for free. 

13. Screen on

This is the simple way to customize this on your device, this is the feature that it I’ll show the tie and other any notifications on the screen when it is locked.This is not cool feature because the screen blinks every time when you get any notification every time the screen blinks that may disturb you at an important time.If your device is rooted then there is an option to turn on and turn off this option.

14. Adding widgets 

There are many people that they want to change their widgets according to their own.This is very useful and that will change the total view of your device basically, every smartphone will give you some inbuilt widgets that may not change your phone view.So that there are many widgets apps that are available in the app store like ZOOPER WIDGETS this the best-rated widgets app till date that is simple to add any of the widgets to the home screen that can be used easily.But you use a limited edition of the app when you root your device that will be more efficient for working and customization.This will definitely make your device work smarter. 

15. Turn on developer options

In every Android device, there is an option called ‘Developer options ‘ there are many advantages when you turn on the developer options.To turn on the option that is very simple let’ get into settings, in settings about phone, there you have an option Build number click that option until it shows ‘you are a developer’Then get back to settings you will see an option developer option here you can turn on the option and the advantages are this will allow you to enable debugging over USB, capture bug report on the device and show CPU usage on the screen to measure the impact of the software and also many more advantages.

16. Set your own ringtone

The main thing in the smartphone is to call others and receive calls for any phone there is some default ringtone but you can also change your ringtone on your own there are many types of apps available on the app store you can set your ringtone.If not you can set your favorite song and your favorite lyrics or favorite music you can also cut using the app called ringtone maker this will help you to cut the song as your wish and set that as your default ringtone.

17. Add google signature

Email signature that comprises a few content of text placed at the end of the outgoing mail.It may contain your name, website, company, phone number, and also a short ever pitch.This is used to share all the essential contact information and advertise your business in a condensed form.In Gmail setting up the signature is simple.

18.Install modded apps

Modded apps are nothing the apps that have totally modified with the full versions of all the apps these apps might not available on the app store but you can get the modded apps through apk files on the internet.Modded apps are available for all the apps that are using in the daily usage like facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and also all other games.If your mobile is rooted you can get updates for modded apps also these modded apps have all other extra features rather than the original apps.Try this you might love these apps.

19. Omni swipe

Omni swipe which is known as the lazy swipe.If there is any problem in using big phones and big screens this app makes you easier with one hand operation that you can interact with the apps that you are mostly us, this will come under the phone om both left side and right side and also there are lot of things to customize the settings of Omni swipe app like you can change the theme as you wanted.This is the cool way to use your device. 

20. Split screen multitasking

It is a really cool feature that nougat brings you is Split-screen multi-tasking if you are the one who loves multitasking this feature is absolutely for you to activate this spilled-screen just long press on the recent button then you will get a split-screen and it minimises the screen size for current using the app and recent apps.There is an alternate way to trigger the split-screen by using the swipe up gesture from the recent button you can activate this in your settings option.This will be very cool for multi-tasking.

If you have any more techniques to customize smartphone, comment those suggestions and let me know.
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