Warframe Plains of Eidolon 2017: Confirmed Release Date for Play Station 4 (PS4) and Xbox One

As you are all waiting, the Digital Extremes confirms that the Plains of Eidolon update is going to hit on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The update gonna hit in just 3 to 6 days for both PS4 and Xbox One.

Warframe Game

As previously it was announced that this update is gonna be a bit update for Warframe and now they are going to launch 

 1. New weapons and Reinforcements 
 2. Focus 2.0
 3. Debut of Deadly worrier

These above mentioned are going to be major updates that are going to come in this 2017 update. Let’s talk about above mentioned in detail.

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1. New weapons and Reinforcement Troops:

Gara wields a new arsenal of powerful weapons, including Astilla that shoots slugs that explode on impact; Volnus, which deals a large amount of damage and can beat enemies to a pulp; and Fusilai, stealthy glass shurikens pierce through flesh and armor. Reinforcements include Argonak, the Grineer rifle uses an advanced laser sighting system and is deadly in both single fire and automatic modes; Krohkur, a hooked blade that rewards critical hits to those skilled enough to strike with finesse, and the Dual Krohkur, which doubles the battlefield butchery.

2. Focus 2.0

Here the Focus 2.0 is gonna be a big thing here you are gonna experience the reintroduction of operator worrier focus. The changes like the Skill Tree to be more combat focus enabling you to equip your operator.


3. Debut of Deadly Worrier

Here the witness introduction of 34th warframe, Gara who manipulates glass to fracture the resolve of their enemies.


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