Are Smartphone Keyboards Really Secure ?

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Are Smartphone Keyboards Really Secure

All the smartphones allow you to replace your keyboard with third-party keyboard apps, and you all change your keyboard and grant them full access. Have you ever thought ” Are the third-party keyboards apps secure ?”, the passwords and personal details which you are typing are they secure. 

Even with Apple, all the smartphones allow you to change your keyboard with third-party keyboards. These third-party keyboard apps may even steal your personal information without your knowledge.

This issue already happened and many tech giants, cybersecurity members are saying not to trust these third-party keyboard applications. Many researchers have revealed that the both Apple and Samsung smartphones could open you to hackers through their applications.

The most popular keyboard applications like Swiftkey and ai.type leaked personal data of 31 million customers online on December 7th, 2017. This database system was ket online without any password for some hours, and it can be seen by anyone.

This was not the first time, this issue with third-party keyboard applications leaked personal data of users many times online.

The data like phone numbers, E-mail id, passwords, and text typed on keyboards are leaked by these third-party keyboard applications. The ZDNet saw the table containing information of users more than 9 million entries of text data on the keyboard.

This includes most valuable private and secure data. This all things are illegal but the company says only one thing “you are allowing us to take your data to online”, so be careful before giving permissions to any applications.

How Third-Party Keyboards Collect Your Data

As the usage of internet is gradually increasing these days, along with this the cyber attacks, hackers are also increasing. 
And in future, the usage of internet will definitely increase more. In this fast forward modern society, we need everything to be done faster and easier way.

So by catching this point, the third-party keyboard applications have been evolved. This third-party keyboard application provides you a  lot of advanced features. By this advanced features, all people are attracted towards this third-party keyboard applications.

The major mistake is done here, all the people are simply allowing permissions to these applications. 

The users should be more careful before giving permissions to applications. If you have already granted full permissions to any applications then no problem, even now you can disable those permissions by going to Settings>Applications>Permissions.


Ultimately our vision is to keep you secure from losing your private data. I think that now you have understood how you may lose your data by using Third-Party keyboard applications. And at last, I suggest you, use Google or Microsoft keyboard applications, these applications are maximum secure because everyone knows about these companies. ” Be Secure”.

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11 thoughts on “Are Smartphone Keyboards Really Secure ?

  1. Thanks for Sharing, before reading this i was using third-party keyboard apps and now i changed my mind, nw i am going to use only stock keyboard. 🙂


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