What is Net Neutrality?

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Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is the principle that the internet service providers (ISP) should treat all the data on the internet same, and do not discriminate user, website, content, platform or application. 

In another way, when you go online and open a website, let’s take an example you open website 1, website 2, website 3. Here the concept of net neutrality is the all the website you open should load at the same time and perform perfect irrespective of its content or platform, this concept is called Net Neutrality. 

When you use the internet you definitely expect net neutrality. 

Net Neutrality is a concept that the company that provides internet does not get onto control that what you do on the internet.

In the year 2015 millions of people or activists made pressure on the Federal Communication Commission to make Net Neutrality rules under consideration and keep the internet free to access and share desired content.

Why Net Neutrality so Important?

Net Neutrality Infographic

As per now, the service providers have banned some websites or some contents of some websites, and even the service providers are making some web pages to load slower to make another website get more traffic, these things needed to be stopped.

People are charged for the internet and that people have complete rights to demand net neutrality. All the web pages should load at the same speed.

In many places and many countries, people are demanding net neutrality and no one considering it has an issue.

If the Net Neutrality is not shown people are not considering it has an issue the ISP ( internet service providers) will slow down the competitor’s websites. This is a very big issue, the competitor’s website which is slower may have more valuable content and people couldn’t read it. 

What Would Happen if We Lose Net Neutrality?

How ISP's would like the internet to be

If we lose Net Neutrality then we gonna lose many new bloggers and their great articles, news and lot of information.

And even ISP gonna charge you separate money on famous sites, the ISP gonna block certain websites and ask you to pay for each site like Setup Box.

If this gonna happen then its waste of digitalization and modern world. So ISP providers should not only go for profits it should also see customer satisfaction.

Without Net Neutrality how would activists be able to fight oppression?

Winning Strong Net Neutrality Rules

Following 10 years in length fight over the eventual fate of the web, the FCC received solid Net Neutrality rules in light of Title II of the Communications Act, giving web clients the most grounded securities conceivable. 

In any case, as far back as then, rivals have done all that they can to annihilate Net Neutrality. What’s more, Chairman Pai — a previous Verizon legal counselor — is moving quickly to annihilate the open web. He should be halted.

Net Neutrality Definition

Attackers of Net Neutrality

Enormous telephone and link organizations and their lobbyists documented suit nearly when the Net Neutrality rules were received. 

Free Press bounced in and helped contend the case safeguarding the FCC — and on June 14, 2016, a government offers court maintained the open-web insurances in all regards. Nonetheless, the ISPS are as yet endeavoring to challenge these tenets in court. 

Then, industry-subsidized Net Neutrality rivals in Congress have done all that they can to disassemble or undermine the principles. Lawmakers have presented various beguiling bills and connected harming riders to must-pass government-financing bills.

Importance of Net Neutrality in Business Feild

The unhindered internet is critical for entrepreneurs, new companies, and business visionaries, who depend on the open web to dispatch their organizations, make markets, promote their items and administrations, and achieve clients. We require the open web to encourage work development, rivalry, and advancement. 
The unhindered internet brings down the obstructions of passage by safeguarding the web’s reasonable and level playing field. This is a result of Net Neutrality that private ventures and business visionaries have possessed the capacity to flourish on the web. 
No organization ought to be permitted to meddle with this open commercial center. ISPs are the web’s guards, and without Net Neutrality, they would grab each conceivable chance to benefit from that watchman position. 
Without Net Neutrality, the following Google or Facebook could never get off the ground.


Open Knowledge keeps on battling for Title II order of web get to benefit. This renaming is the main route for the FCC to make solid internet fairness decides that enable clients to have a sensible desire of predictable, dependable, and nondiscriminatory administrations. 
What do you think of Net Neutrality? Comment your opinion.


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