Top 110 Technology Facts

8d935-top2b1102btechnology2bfactsAs the technology is going on developing day-by-day and all are eager to know to know and find some cool and latest technology. So here in this article, I am gonna discuss some of the cool 110 interesting technology facts.

  1. The QWERTY keyboard was created or designed to slow you down.
  2. Skype is totally banned in China.
  3. 92% of total currency is digital.
  4. Till 1995 domain registrations are totally free.
  5. During the year 1995, the 5 MB data is weighed a ton.
  6. In the year 1936, Russia built a computer which ran in water.
  7. E-mail has been around longer than WWW (World wide web).
  8. Bill Gates house was designed using a special technology called Macintosh Computer.
  9. The first computer mouse was invented by Doug Engelbart.
  10. On an avg day, the typist’s finger travels around 12.6 miles.
  11. eBay has an average of $360 transactions each second.
  12. HP, Google, Microsoft, Apple have one thing in common ie they were IT companies in the starting days.
  13. PNG was not really PNG, it was Ping.
  14. The domain name of youtube ( was registered on Feb 14, 2005.
  15. A computer network is the fastest growing Co occupations.
  16. The first adsense banner was used in the year 1994.
  17. HP (Hewlett Packard) was started in the year 1939.
  18. By the year 2012 approximately there were 17 billion devices connected to the internet.
  19. Most of the couples in the US were met on online.
  20. Facebook offered $500 dollars if anyone can find a way to hack facebook.
  21. Approximately there are 1.06 billion instant messaging accounts worldwide.
  22. The 2012 newborn girls were mostly named as Siri.
  23. Approximately there are around 686 million iPhone across the globe.
  24. The Translated English word to panda is Firefox.
  25. The translated English world to the robot is called forced labor.
  26. The first VCR was created in the year 1956.
  27. The first VCR was the size of a Piano.
  28. The worlds first camera approximately took 8 hours to take a photo.
  29. The first Apple logo was having Sir Isaac Newton photo.
  30. Alaska is the only state in America having keys in a row.
  31. The tech companies are often testing new products in Newzland.
  32. Google hasn’t made Android, they bought the company in the year 2005.
  33. Microsoft uses code names.
  34. The first iPhone was conceptualized in the year 1983.
  35. At first, Android was created for digital cameras.
  36. The App store was the most trusted place to download legal applications.
  37. Since 2009 the Windows 7 and Windows 8 have together sold more units than people living in Europe.
  38. Approximately there are more than 80% android users.
  39. It was always 9:42 am in iPhone Ads.
  40. The Android phone in 2008 doesn’t have a headphone jack.
  41. The changing of fonts can save printer ink.
  42. The 90% internet is on dark web.
  43. Common users cannot surf the dark web.
  44. For every minute approximately, there are more than 250 hours of videos are uploaded to Youtube.
  45. Facebook pays hackers to hack facebook.
  46. More people own a smartphone than a toothbrush.
  47. Android devices are sold more than Windows or ios.
  48. Google co-founder is building an flying car.
  49. The first alarm could ring only at 4am.
  50. The November 30th is known as computer security day.
  51. You cannot reverse a Bitcoin transaction.
  52. Nasa pranked that they have found water on Mars.
  53. The radio took 38 years to reach 50 million audiences.
  54. The television took 13 years to reach 50 million audiences.
  55. The iPhone took 3 years to reach 50 million audiences.
  56. Skype is totally banned from the public of China.
  57. The electric chair was invented by a dentist.
  58. The apple has only 5 Mb harddisk when it was first launched.
  59. In general, the people tend to read 10% slower from the screen than paper.
  60. The first computer mouse was created from Wood.
  61. The Christopher Sholes invented QWERTY keyboard.
  62. The Apple Lisa was released in the year 1983.
  63. The first computer was created in the year 1822.
  64. Charles Babbage created the first computer.
  65. 1024 gigabytes is equal to 1 terabyte.
  66. The more than 86% people trying to plug their USB devices upside down.
  67. The most popular game Saga mega was sold out before the release.
  68. Nintendo was started in the year 1889.
  69. Video games might help in making lesser surgical mistakes.
  70. The was the first domain registered on 15th March 1985.
  71. The all the letter combinations from to are all already registered.
  72. The Amazon now sells more ebooks than any others.
  73. The first ISP (Internet Service Provider) company was named as Compu serve.
  74. The original URL of Yahoo was
  75. Amazon.con was previously known as
  76. 97% people type random words on google to check the correct spelling.
  77. In the year 1984, the number of internet devices reached the count of 1000.
  78. In the year 1992, the number of internet devices counts reached to 1 million.
  79. In the year 2008, the number of internet devices counts reached to 1 billion.
  80. Only the 4% of Arab women use the internet.
  81. The Facebook took 2 years to reach 2 million users mark.
  82. The first Nokia mobile was released at 1980’s.
  83. The first commercial text message was sent in the year 1992.
  84. The worlds most expensive number sold for $2 million.
  85. The worlds most expensive number is 666-6666.
  86. Facebook is blue color because the creator of facebook cant sees color red and green.
  87. The approx 30% youtube videos are music related.
  88. The original iPhone design was in the shape of an Apple.
  89. Almost the half of world population never made a phone call.
  90. Having 1M or more twitter followers are called as Twillionaire.
  91. China has banned Facebook, twitter, and youtube.
  92. At first, Amazon was just an online Bookstore.
  93. On average at least 6000 viruses were created.
  94. By using a USB flash drive you can brick a computer in seconds.
  95. The first 1 GB hard drive was announced by IBM.
  96. As indicated by different measurable examination, over 80% E-mails sent are spam!
  97. MyDoom was the speediest spreading infection at any point made. The aggregate harm done by MyDoom is an incredible $38 billion.
  98. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon are altogether controlled by Linux. Truly, Linux isn’t among the most famous OS for the general buyers. Be that as it may, Linux stands out.
  99. The first site that went online was “”, which was additionally made by Tim Berners-Lee at the examination lab CERN 1990.
  100. Dispatch code for US nukes was 00000000 (eight 0’s). Is that seriously? All things considered, indeed, so we should feel that we were sufficiently fortunate that no “fear-based oppressor” tried propelling the atomic rockets.
  101. Twenty-five percent of Americans utilize just a smartphone to utilize the internet.
  102. The normal 21-year-old has spent 5,000 hours playing computer games, sent 250,000 messages, texts, and instant messages, and has sent through 10,000 hours on a mobile phone alone.
  103. It has been 40 years since the world’s first cell phone call effectively occurred.
  104. Google handles an expected 1 billion pursuit inquiries every last day, discharging just about 200 tons of CO2 for every day.
  105. Thirty million people staring at the TV programming from their mobile phones.
  106. Lasers can be trapped in the waterfall.
  107. Wikipedia needs a multitude of hostile to vandal bots.
  108. Star Wars embellishments master Dennis Muren is backing a holographic form of Star Wars.\
  109. Around the year 1500, Leonardo da Vinci outlined plans for a robot.
  110. The PCs utilized as a part of the Apollo 11 excursion to the moon had less handling power than modern day phones.


So these are the top 110 technology facts that I have found interesting. I think you found some facts that made you think funny or more knowledgeable so, mention those in the comments section and share your thoughts.

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