Top 110 Technology Facts

As the technology is going on developing day-by-day and all are eager to know to know and find some cool and latest technology. So here in this article, I am gonna discuss some of the cool 110 interesting technology facts. The QWERTY keyboard was created or designed to slow you down. Skype is totally banned in China. 92% of … Continue reading Top 110 Technology Facts


What is Privilege Escalation Attack?

A Privilege Escalation attack or hacking is a network intrusion that takes advantage of programming errors to grant hacker elevated access to the network.// (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This attack is a very older attack, but at that time this attack was a very big issue to the user's private data.Not every system will … Continue reading What is Privilege Escalation Attack?

Top 10 Remarkable Advanced Ancient Technology

Are you thinking that technology is developed nowadays and in ancient, there was not much technology, then you are absolutely wrong.  In this best rundown, we investigate striking cases of cutting edge old advances that were long ways in front of their circumstances.  Some of these refined antiquated developments were later re-created by our cutting-edge … Continue reading Top 10 Remarkable Advanced Ancient Technology